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Thank you for your interest in the Burger Craft franchise system! To begin your journey towards owning your own Burger Craft franchise, we invite you to look over our frequently asked questions.


How long has Burger Craft been in business?
Burger Craft has been in business since 2016, however our affiliate has been open since 2014.

What is the initial total investment cost for my franchise?
The estimated initial investment for a Burger Craft Franchise is between $272,650 and $1,935,000 depending upon location, leasing, insurance and expenditure choices. This includes the Initial Fee for the first unit and the 50% payment of all additional Initial Fees that must be paid to Us at the time you sign the initial Franchise Agreement After paying the Preliminary Agreement Fee of $10,000, the Balance will be due upon Site Approval when Signing the Franchise Agreement.

Does Burger Craft provide any financing?
We are not required to offer you any financing options. At our choice, based upon our sole discretion, we have decided at this time to not offer any in-house financing options. However, we may assist you in obtaining outside financing for your franchise.

What is the initial Franchise Fee?
We offer one type of franchise based upon the Statistical Area and method of operation granted. The initial franchise fee for a single Franchise Restaurant is $35,000.

Do you offer Area Development arrangements?
Yes we do. The initial Franchise Fee for an Area Development franchise is the initial Franchise Fee plus 50% of the Franchise Fee for each additional Franchise Business to be developed.

What is the term of the Franchise Agreement?
The initial term is for 10 years, with a successive option for an additional ten years.

What is Burger Craft Royalty Rates?
Burger Craft only charges 5% of Gross Sales as royalties, far below our competitors.

What location size must I establish?
A minimum size for your business will be from 1,500 square feet to 2,000 square feet with at least 450 square foot allotted for the kitchen area.

How can I find my location?
Probably the most important thing that you can do when seeking a location for your business is to locate and use the services of a good and qualified Commercial Property Realtor. He/she will help you to find a location, advise you, provide you with valuable information (local traffic counts and demographics) and help you to negotiate your lease. The best part is that they will not cost you a penny! They are paid by lessor. However, we will touch on some of these items in training.

What about training?
You will complete four levels of training, a pre-training text; the Initial Training text; the Soft Opening Training which shall be completed prior to opening to the general public; and the Grand Opening Program.

How do I get started?
The first step is to fill out the Franchise Application Form online or enclosed with your packet. Upon receipt of the Franchise Application, and supporting documents, we will review and determine whether you are approved to receive our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which outlines our agreement, company history and financials.

Enclosed with the FDD is a Preliminary Agreement. By sending us the signed Preliminary Agreement Fee, along with a $10,000 Deposit towards your Franchise Fee, you engage us in the process of opening your business along with purchasing your territory. From there, the process is approximately 60-90 days before your business is open.

Upon executing the Deposit Agreement, what are the next steps?
The next steps in the planning process include: obtaining final financing, Business entity and License setup, Franchise Agreement execution, Site Selection, lease negotiations (if applicable), Initial comprehensive Training, Grand Opening planning, Grand Opening Training along with other steps to open your business. Don't worry - we walk you through it all.

What should I do when looking for a location to set up my Burger Craft Franchise?
When looking for a site for your Burger Craft store, you should look at the following factors:
● Excellent parking.
● Rear receiving door w/ ramp (if necessary).

When looking at population densities, we recommend the following averages for your area,( within a 3 mile area):
● 50,000 residents.
● 20,000 households.
● 25,000 employees (or other daytime residents).
● 2,000 businesses/offices.
● Area growth of at least 1% for 5 consecutive years.
● 35 mph speed limit preferred.
● $50,000 average income.
● 30,000 average daily traffic count.
● Zoned for mixed beverage license (if applicable).
● Close to retail generators (supermarket, home improvement, theaters, etc).

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