Home care is one of the fastest-growing industries in this country, but many people do not know exactly what it is. It is care that is provided to an individual in their own home, and there are several types of home care. The most popular form is skilled care, which is care that focuses on the needs of a person and is also skilled around the clock. This type of home care is especially popular for those who have physical disabilities or limited mobility.

Other types of home care include licensed home care, custodial care, palliative care, and specialized care. These are the more popular forms, and they all offer different types of services to their clients. The needs and situations for each type of home care are different, as are the services that each type of care will provide. Here is a little bit about each of these types of home care options:

Licensed home care is provided to a family member or other individual who has a serious condition, or is at substantial risk for developing a more serious condition. The services will vary, depending on the severity of the condition or risk, but usually involve assistance with activities of daily living. This care can be as simple as helping the person takes a shower, or as involved as medical and occupational therapy. For those who require constant supervision, this can be a great option, since it allows the person to keep their independence while receiving the help needed.

Custodial care is provided to a family member or other individual who is at a developmental or mental disability. This can mean the individual is in a wheelchair, has difficulty walking, or is limited physically. This kind of home care can be very intense and may require specialized equipment and training for the staff providing it. They are often called upon to perform very difficult tasks, such as cleaning bathrooms or carrying items. Caregivers for this type of home care may also be trained to perform other tasks depending on the specific needs of the individual in question. Home care agencies can often provide both types of care for one fee.

Institutional care is for the elderly, or someone who is severely mentally impaired and needs specialized, round-the-clock care. Institutional care may be called upon when an elderly loved one has become unresponsive to care or develops symptoms such as confusion or memory loss. These symptoms may be caused by medicine or some other underlying medical condition. When home care is necessary, a home care agency may provide this type of care, either through a contracted relationship or by assisting the elderly with the day-to-day tasks they are unable to do on their own.

Each of these options has its own set of benefits and responsibilities, depending on the situation. For most families, the best choice may be to combine all three of these strategies, to provide their loved ones with the best possible care. Home care is a great way to keep someone close to home and helps them remain independent and safe while providing a boost of comfort and assistance when they need it most.

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